BOXON warehouse & customs services

Warehouse logistics is an inseparable element of the logistics chain and one of the services provided by BOXON Logistics for small and large volume shipments. Our services base on warehouses located in the port and around the ports of Gdynia and Gdańsk. We offer:

  • cargo consolidation and deconsolidation from containers
  • cross-docking
  • warehouse logistics of the e-commerce industry based on warehouses located in central Poland and the use of courier companies

We serve:

  • palletized loads and loose cartons
  • steel rings
  • heavy loads requiring specialized equipment with a lifting capacity of up to 16 tons
  • transshipment of full containers using specialized equipment with a lifting capacity of up to 42 tons

BOXON customs service in Poland

Customs clearance is an indispensable element of our work. Knowledge of customs procedures, rules and experience for tariffing goods  allows us to navigate efficiently within the scope of different cargoes. Thanks to strategic cooperation with selected customs agencies, we offer:

  • customs services throughout Poland, in the most important sea and rail terminals
  • transit of high value goods requiring “large” customs security
  • import customs clearance in a simplified procedure
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