BOXON sea freight

We carry “boxes” of various sizes on vessels. With us you can shipp individual cartons in consolidated containers as so-called “LCL” loads and full containers filled only with your goods as so-called “FCL”.

Our market is global economy. We serve customers and agents from various countries. Knowing the regulations and operating procedures of the world’s largest economies, our clients’ loads are safe and reach their destination on time.

We have all the tools to arrange and handle the logistics chain:

  • Cooperation with the largest shipping lines and rail operators in Poland.
  • Extensive network of international freight agents around the world.
  • Cooperation with customs and freight agents in the largest industrial parts of Poland.

We take full advantage of the Polish logistics infrastructure serving:

  • Full container loads (FCL) in sea ports and terminals located at:
    DCT Gdańsk, BCT Gdynia, GCT Gdynia
  • Full container loads (FCL) in dry ports located at:
    Slawkow, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw
  • Part-container load (LCL) through warehouses located at:
    Gdynia, Gdansk, Warsaw
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